Jill and Andy wanted a very laid back and family orientated wedding day where all their friends and family could really relax and enjoy themselves. They got married at The Three Kings in Falkirk in April. Read on to find out what advice they would give to couples planning their wedding and their thoughts on me as their photographer!

What advice would you give other couples when planning their wedding day?

“Don’t let the opinions of others matter too much! Even though my sister tells me my shoes look like old lady shoes, I’m still wearing them because I love them 😂 Decide early on what is most important. Like most couples, we’re on a budget. So I decided that for me the most important things are the things you are left with afterwards. Obviously a lovely husband/wife but also for me it’s photos and the rings. The two things that will last long after the day.”

What made you decide that I was the right photographer for you? Aside from my epic dance moves? 

“You were recommended by a photographer friend. And also did my sisters photos which were BEAUTIFUL! Your personality shines through in your website and is exactly the vibe we are after. Fun, candid, relaxed. And obviously the fact that you’re a dog person just elevates all that! 😊”

How have you found the experience of hiring me as your wedding photographer? Any moments that have made you feel extra special? 

“Honestly, the contact and all the update emails and extra hints and tips for our wedding day have been great. Feels like such a personalised service and us telling you our story just means that you’ll be able to capture us so much better on the day.
And although we’re rubbish at filling out your questions in a timely manner! We actually enjoy talking about them and answering them. Makes for a more exciting build up to the day, we can reminisce and make sure we’re on the same page plan wise.”

Is there anything that has surprised you or stood out after you decided to choose me as your wedding photographer? 

“I never expected such a personal service. Always a wee checking in email here and there which is lovely.
I thought it would kind of be like other bookings – you pick your supplier, pay your deposit, then maybe hear from them a couple of weeks before the wedding.
Such a nice surprise to have the personal touch – I think it shows how much you love your clients and your job, which means we picked the best woman for the job!”

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April 30, 2024

bride and groom pose at the the three kings falkirk scottish wedding venue

Wedding advice from a past couple and what they thought of me!

Danielle Leslie


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