Savanna and Ben were giving epic romance novel vibes at their Scottish Engagement Photoshoot at Loch Muick.

It was an early rise for us this past weekend as Savanna and Ben choose to be “The Adventurers” from my new date menu offering! I designing this date menu to inspire my couples to think outside of the box when it comes to planning their pre wedding session and it has been a big hit so far! Really helping couples to think about what they really love to do together, and what really helps them feel at ease and like themselves!

Heading up to Loch Muick for early doors meant we had a bit more privacy and not so many walkers around, allowing these guys to really embrace the moment and not feel worried about on lookers! Although, I think they could have been standing in the middle of NY Times Square and these guys wouldn’t have noticed anyone but one another! I felt like I was filming a romance novel for the big screen. They just melted into one another’s arms, and needed very little direction from me to just be themselves. I always find that couples feel their flow when I just give a few subtle tips throughout their session, rather than having things to structured and posed!

These sessions really help you feel prepared for being photographed on your wedding day, and it’s super great for us to get to know one another better but most of all for you both to enjoy some time together and make some memories on the lead up to your wedding! I am sure you can tell how much fun these guys had, we all laughed the whole way throughout and I found myself saying “Just one more” 100 times over, because I just couldn’t get enough of them!

Here’s what Savanna had to say about their gallery –

“Heeey!!! Aw Danielle, they’re amazing! 🥹 we just looked through them all- we absolutely LOVE them!! 🥰🥰 you’re so talented! 😍
Thank you so much for having them ready so soon and for being such a wonderful photographer 🥹 you made the experience for us! 😘 can’t wait to see you again at the wedding! 🤗 xxx”

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April 30, 2024

couple kiss at scottish engagement photoshoot at loch muick

Scottish Engagement Photoshoot | Loch Muick

Danielle Leslie


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