If you are considering an untraditonal timeline for your wedding, Savanna and Ben’s Hazlehead Park Wedding is sure to give you all the right inspo!

Savanna and Ben wanted to spend as much time together as possible on their wedding day, so they scrapped the tradition of spending the night before apart. Being able to relax with one another with all those butterflies the night before your wedding, who better to experience that with than the one you love?! They even went that extra mile and decided to get ready together with their parents in the morning at their gorgeous flat in Aberdeen, surrounded with all the most meaningful decor that they have accumulated over the years from date nights, and trips away. How special is that? 🥹❤️

They put a spin on the traditional timeline by having their couples portraits before their Hazlehead Park wedding ceremony. This allowed them more time in the afternoon to relax and enjoy the company of their family and friends without feeling time pressure or being whisked away for too long from the party. They hopped in my car and off we went drove to spend some time relaxing in the garden before their ceremony.

What advice would they give to future couple’s planning their wedding?

Walking hand in hand down the aisle together as Savanna’s Dad played the violin, just felt so right for these two. I could visibly see how relaxed they felt with one another. They spoke personal vows which they had written together on the run up to their wedding.

One of my favourite bits of advice they would give to other couple’s planning their wedding is –

“Make planning fun! Organise your guest list while having coffee in your favourite cafe, write your vows whilst sitting together in the park on a sunny day, practice your first dance whilst tipsy on wedding wine samples. Make it fun and make it you – it’s the best way to do it.”

Ensuring everyone had the most relaxing day was at the top of their priorities so they decided to have no bridal party, and no speeches, although Ben did give a small impromptu toast before dinner was served. It all felt so fluent, natural and relaxed. Just the way things should feel on your wedding day.

The flowers at this time of year, at the end of May, in Hazlehead Park are in full blossom, so we were spoiled for photo locations and didn’t have to venture far at all. It was like a candy land! I was absolutely in my element and I could tell that nature lovers Ben and Savanna were having the best time ever.

bride and groom posing in garden at hazlehead park wedding
bride and groom posing in garden at hazlehead park wedding
bride and groom posing in garden at hazlehead park wedding
bride and groom posing in garden at hazlehead park wedding

And how did they find the experience of having me as their photographer? Here’s what Savanna had to say –

“We’ve loved it – it’s been the best decision we’ve made regarding our wedding. The day I came home to a surprise parcel from you was pretty special for me. I’d had such a bad day that day and it really perked me up and made me feel excited about my wedding! It was such a lovely touch.”

Check out some of their preview images below and if you’re thinking about putting a spin on your timeline, let me know if I can help! I absolutely adore helping my couples plan their timelines, giving tips, sharing my wedding knowledge and most of all encouraging you to feel comfortable with making decisions that might feel out of the ordinary. The most important thing when planning your wedding is to only say yes to the parts of the day that align with your personalities. So if cutting the cake, giving away the bride or spending 2 hours on group photographs don’t feel like something you want to do – let’s make sure you’re planning something that feels right for you instead!

bride and groom kiss during wedding at hazlehead park
bride and groom kiss during wedding at hazlehead park
bride and groom kiss during wedding at hazlehead park
bride and groom kiss during wedding at hazlehead park

I asked Ben and Savanna if there was anything that surprised them about me as their wedding photographer.

Here’s what they had to say –
“How much advice you give! I love that you share so much knowledge and advice regarding weddings, its been such a big help reading your emails and website.”

Ready to become BFFs and book me as your wedding photographer?

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Much love, Danielle x

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May 31, 2024

Couple kiss under umbrella at hazlehead park wedding, aberdeen

Untraditional Timeline Wedding at Hazlehead Park, Aberdeen

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