Photos feel like a priority to you but you know you'd love a little bit extra, a highlight video is totally the answer!

You'd love to be a fly on the wall at your own wedding. Seeing what everyone else saw.

You know you've planned a totally awesome day and you want to be able to watch all the best bits again and again.

Well for starters - who doesn't want their very own Romcom Style movie trailer?

 epic highlight video 

why a highlight video?

complete the experience with an

Grab the Popcorn

Leah & Ben


Ash & Owen


Grant & Becca


Sinead & Dale




your epic highlight film starts from £900

A 4-7 minute video to document the Awesomeness of your Wedding day.

This is great if you want a little something extra and to really milk your wedding experience - without needing to hire yet another supplier. Josh is my right hand man, who will shadow me beautifully. Giving you both all the space you need to enjoy your day without worrying about being pulled in a million directions.

These short but simple videos help capture all the feels from your wedding day - so you can have something to enjoy with your entire family. Reliving the day really is the next best thing to the day itself.

If you're known to suffer from FOMO speeches and ceremony can be added at an additonal cost.


Got Questions?

how do we book?

Simply fill out our contact form and then we take it from there!

can we meet you before booking?

Oh, absolutely! It is not only encouraged but sort of a necessity! Therefore, I like to pencil in a wee Zoom call with everyone who enquires. It’s nothing formal, just a chat over coffee, so PJ’s are absolutely acceptable! You will be sent a link to our diary where you can book a time suitable to you!

we want to book your photography package but we are not sure we want video yet?

No problem! You can book any of our photography packages, and add video at a later date if you decide it is something you want 

we want to book a different videographer, is that ok?

It sure is! Danielle works with other videographers frequently. There is no offence taken if you have someone in mind, or if you are looking for a specific style - we can even recommend some of our favourites. Our video highlights are simply an add-on for those who want a little something extra.

we already have a photographer - Can we book you for video alone?

Our video services are always offered as a priority service to couples who have already booked our photography packages. However, should we have your date available and Josh is not required for video on that date - you are more than welcome to snap him up for your wedding date. 

not them

Be you,

No story is one and the same. YOU are what makes your journey so unique and awesome.
You're probably an absolute belter tbf.

we're ready to book!