Mandy and Tim wanted an intimate Scottish Elopement and Auchen Castle was the perfect wedding venue for their romantic wedding day.

Mandy and Tim were giving serious Bridgerton vibes at their Intimate Scottish Elopement at Auchen Castle in Moffat. They flew over from Pittsburgh with 14 of their closet friends and family to tie the knot in style! And wow did they do it in style!! I will be dreaming of Mandy’s Monique L’Huillier floral wedding dress for as long as I live. She was absolutely breathtaking in that dress!

Tim and their guests morning started with archery, whilst Mandy and her Mum had their hair and make up applied. They chose not to have a bridal party and keep it simple, so preparations didn’t take long at all. They did however have a special guest appearance when an owl flew Mandy’s ring down the aisle! A super wow moment!

Because the guest list was more intimate, it gave us much more flexibility when it came to group photos! I was able to just grab a few shots throughout the day when it felt natural, as opposed to running through a big list all at once. So we took frequent breaks, it was a super hot day so breaks were very welcomed for everyone. Even when it came to pictures of just the two of them, we just took a few moments throughout the day when they felt ready. There was no mad dash to get things done in time for dinner, and we even headed back out after dinner for a few of the photographs we hadn’t done yet. It was a super laid back day with no strict timeline. Simply bliss!

Mandy and Tim decided they did not want speeches, and even their evening dancing was as easy as sticking on a special playlist they had made and dancing their socks off. And boy, did Mandy dance!! I don’t think I have even seen a Bride as full of life on the dance floor as I did Mandy. And it’s no wonder with a background in dancing under her belt.

I really am enjoying seeing couples putting their own spin on their wedding day, and having the confidence to say no to the traditions that don’t feel right for them! I will always encourage you to “be you not them”! What traditions would you say no to? And what traditions of your own would you introduce for your wedding day? x

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April 30, 2024

Bride in floral weding dress dances in front of auchen castle during scottish elopement wedding

Intimate Scottish Elopement | Auchen Castle

Danielle Leslie


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