Ultimate party vibes at this bright and colourful celebration of Indian heritage at Ardoe House

Ardoe House was the perfect wedding venue in Aberdeen for Ruaridh and Sanju to celebrate with 330 guests. Having already tied the knot and celebrated their Scottish heritage it was time to throw the party of the year and celebrate Sanju’s Indian heritage.

Ruaridh wore the most amazing golden shwerani, which looked utterly gorgeous against all the autumn colours. And Sanju started in a seriously impressive, navy sequined lehenga and later surprised guests with a second glitzy outfit which honestly took my breath away. The detail and care that has gone into making these outfits, is so breathtaking!

Having already officially tied the knot just the week before, things were a little more unconventional when it came to their wedding day timeline, and you all know I LOVE when couples do things differently! We started the afternoon with couples portraits and moved into family group shots, which included their family dog, Jess. Side noteIf your dog is coming to your wedding, you are my kinda person, jus’ saying! ❤️🐶

As guests arrived it is tradition to have a photograph take with each of their guests, many of which they had not met before. So I got to work on the backdrop they had a backdrop set up, so we could do this as swiftly as possible to allow them to get stuck into the delicious buffet they had put on for everyone. My second shooter, Louise Malcolm (absolute legend btw!) was happily floating around with guests snapping away candids and any other group shots they may have wanted. It’s always a great idea having two photographers for this reason. You end up with SO much more images, moments you hadn’t noticed and all those cute candids that people love.

After dinner was a fun game where their best men asked questions about the couple and they had to sit back to back to answer without seeing what the other person had answered. Along the lines of “Who is the best cook” and they would have to each hold up the shoe of either Ru or Sanju to answer. As you can imagine some of the questions and answers got them really thinking and it was absolutely hilarious to watch. A really lovely bit of entertainment for their guests!

As you can imagine 330 people dancing on a dance floor is extremely crowded but even more so FUN. I think every single person was on that dance floor at one point and it felt absolutely electric watching their friends and family celebrate so fiercely for them. I feel so privileged to have been a part of this day and will forever be so grateful to meet such a wonderful family. 🥹❤️


Venue – Raemoir House

Make Up Stylist – Gosia Weiss

Dress – Perfect Bridal Rooms

DJ – Anti Wedding Wedding DJ

Reindeers – Cairngorm Reindeers

Dog Sitter – Spotlessly Chic

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December 23, 2023

Bride wears white sequinned lehenga as she dances on the dance floor at Ardoe House

Ardoe House | A Colourful Scottish-Indian Wedding

Danielle Leslie


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