Christopher & Julia Eclectic Autumnal wedding at Duthie Park Winter Gardens

Duthie Park Winter Gardens was the first wedding location that came to mind when it was time for Christopher and Julia to start planning their eclectic autumnal wedding. Duthie Park Winter Gardens holds a special place in both of their hearts – having spent many childhood moments exploring the park. 

Julia had her first work experience at Duthie Park Winter Gardens – so she knew the exact spot where she wanted to have their wedding, and had even eyed out some secret spots to have their pictures taken in. 

Julia- you are a legend and made it so easy for me to find the best locations for some super romantic portraits 😘😘😘

The only way to describe the love felt at the wedding of these two love birds at Duthie Park Winter Gardens is to compare it to that of Romeo and Juliette. Absolutely undying and ever-lasting, completely unconditional, and ultimately fun! 

How the day unfolded

I met Julia and her bridal party at her parents house – which you could tell had always been filled with love and laughter. This was also a lovely sweet setting as family is a big deal to these two and you can tell the influence that her parents’ marriage has had on them. 

Much like their venue it was a botanical explosion with some of the best looking house plants I have ever seen and tons of natural light. Bonus points to the couple who took my morning prep advice – to read my top tips click here.

Finally it was time for the wedding ceremony at Duthie Park Winter Gardens – I swear it felt like Christopher and Julia were the only two people in their ceremony room. They didn’t take their eyes off each other for one second! After some seriously gushy romantic vows, they had us all in tears, as they “tied the knot”. 

We had to keep group shots with immediate family & friends short and sweet before their coach arrived to shuttle all the guests off to The Palm Court Hotel for the remainder of their wedding day. 

This gave Josh and me some time to create some sweet memories for the two of them in Duthie Park Winter Gardens. Christopher and Julia wanted to watch the terrapins, and two of them looked like they were holding hands, CUTE! So Christopher and Julia are now “The Two Turtles” to me! ❤️

During our timeline planning session we had planned a short walk around The Johnston Gardens, which is just a 1-minute drive from their next venue. So off we went and had a lovely wee adventure watching ducks and letting them have a few moments cuddling and enjoying some peace before rejoining their guests for drinks and nibbles.

Moments that made us ROFL after their wedding ceremony at Duthie Park Winter Gardens 🤣

There were many moments that made us giggle, but at one point a lovely lady who was photobombing their portraits stopped us to take a picture of Christopher and Julia in their stunning attire. And promptly decided to steal my job as chief photographer 🤣🤣🤣!!

I might have had to hire her if she started to give them much more directions, haha! A funny and cute memory for them both I am sure!

Best part about doing a wedding at Duthie Park Winter Gardens

Although Duthie Park Winter Gardens is a public space, the sunken ceremony area is closed off for weddings which makes it feel so exclusive. And there are so many epic spots for your portraits – just take a look at Julia and Christopher surrounded by sky high cacti (ha try saying that 10 times 😆😆)

Dance floor vibes 

Even though there were tons of eclectic elements to their wedding day (check out the pumpkin and autumnal bridal bouquets and arch, not to mention their quirky wedding cake) – the couple stuck to some traditions. 

With one of the sweetest first dances, followed by quite possibly an ever sweeter Father and daughter dance!! I don’t actually see many of those these days, so it was refreshing to see this old tradition being used! It just goes to show that your wedding day is all about you #beyounotthem!!

Their friends didn’t disappoint in busting some moves and keeping the dancefloor filled – followed by some epic posing at their glitzy photo booth!

Trends I loved from this wedding at Duthie Park Winter Gardens

⚡️ The couple had a Photobooth – which is always good for a laugh

⚡️ Outfit change – because you should be able to break it down on the dance floor wearing whatever-the-F you want!!!

Christopher & Julia’s Supplier List

Ceremony Location – Duthie Park Winter Gardens

Reception Location – The Palm Court Hotel

Wedding Cake – O’Cayx 

Hair and Make-Up – Jodie E Griffith 

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October 17, 2023

Bride standing in her wedding dress and groom standing between Cacti in Duthie Park Winter Gardens

Duthie Park Winter Gardens Wedding | Eclectic Autumnal Wedding

Danielle Leslie


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