Getting ready on the morning of your wedding, with your besties, is hands down one of my fave things to photograph on a wedding day  📸

Capturing all the moments of you and your BFF’s (bestest friends & family), jamming to your #weddingdayplaylist, having a cheeky glass of bubbly while getting your hair and make-up done is such a vibe🔥🔥🔥!!

But here are a few wee things you might not have thought about that will take your morning prep to the next level – and make you feel your best self ✌️!

1. Consider where you are getting ready on the morning of your wedding

You want as big a space as possible to avoid everyone stepping on each other’s toes, and a big cupboard or extra room to stash all the suitcases/bags for life so they’re not hogging the limelight in your photos! 

If your venue doesn’t have the space you desire, consider renting an AirBnB for the night before. Plus how nice will it be to spend that time with your bridal party in somewhere cute and comfortable. 

You’re looking for as much natural light as possible, the more windows the better! And think about setting up hair and make up close to windows for the most flattering light.

If you are getting ready at a differnt location to your ceremony, try and have them as close togther as possible. You don’t want to be getting stuck in traffic, or running late for reasons out with your control if you can avoid it.

2. Don’t forget your OOTD doesn’t just include your wedding dress/suit!

You might want to start thinking about what you are wearing for prep. I am sure your kermit the frog pjs are super comfy, but do you want photos of them on your wall? 

Do you want everyone to match? Maybe you’re not that bothered about being all matchy matchy – but deffo think about what you will feel best in! I also recommend saving your cute new PJs for the morning of your wedding, this way they’re fresh for photos, little creases and definitely no spills from the night before! Fluffy slippers are absolutely allowed!

3. Avoid the drama on the morning of your wedding – leave your ride-or-die bestie in charge

Things can get chaotic during your morning prep – people arrive late, there’s some awkward family drama, you accidentally forgot to pack your toothbrush (WTF). 

But you shouldn’t have to deal with any of the drama – have a chat with your bestie and let them know what you want them to help you with on the day. Maybe you want them to deal with any flower issues, or send uncle bob the ceremony address for the 999th time.

Chances are they will be so glad you asked them, and they can deal with most of the drama so you can enjoy a calm and relaxing morning.

4. Treat Yo’ Self – build in some self-care the night before your big day.

Self care doesn’t have to mean bubble baths and jade rollers – it could be as simple as going for an evening walk, switching your phone off and jumping into bed early or snuggling up to watch an hour or two of Netflix. 

Plan a lovely ritual for you to enjoy and calm your nerves the night before your wedding – that could be with your partner, your besties or by yourself. 

I recommend doing your usually skincare routine the night before (avoid trying any new products as we don’t want any reactions!), and avoiding any products in the morning as your make up artist will have you covered for morning skincare prep! Don’t be tempted to squeeze any spots or interfere with your skin as it may result in a worse breakout!

Remember there are no rules when it comes to your wedding day – just do what feels right for you! 

5. For your eyes only – Send a sneaky love letter 

Are you writing your own vows? 

If you feel a bit shy about writing or reading your own vows, why not write each other a wee love note to hand over during morning prep. You will absolutely LOVE looking back and seeing one another’s reactions. This could be something you write in bed the night before, to help calm your nerves and will be a lovely keepsake of all the emotions you were feeling.

P.S. if you are saying your own vows – don’t write them on the back of a scrappy piece of paper you had lying in your draw. Consider having them printed on beautiful cards/paper and we can include these in your photographs.

The most important thing I want you to take away from this is that your morning prep is all about you – don’t be afraid to set some boundaries, and advocate for what you need on the morning of your wedding! 

And don’t worry because as soon as I rock up on your wedding day I will become part personal cheerleader and part mama bear – making sure in the words of Taylor Swift “It’s gonna be alright”!

6. Give yourself the gift of time

Now, this is a very important one. I always recommend starting to be dressed at least 1 hour before your ceremony. Those last moments fly by, and a lot of people might be wanting your attention. Hair and make up will want to give you a final touch up, you might need extra time for getting in your dress if buttons or lace needs extra care whilst dressing you. Maybe you want to do a reveal with your bridesmaids or Mum and Dad or just want some time for fun photos with your besties before walking down the aisle. This all takes time to set up, and trust me you are going to want time to CHILL. Try and plan enough time once you are dressed for any of these things that sounds important to you. Give yourself a breather and don’t be scared to tell your suppliers to leave you in peace for those last few moments. YOU GOT THIS!

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June 20, 2023

Getting ready on the morning of your wedding

Danielle Leslie


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