Check out an Aberdeen Photographer’s top tips on what to do the day before your wedding

You want to be feeling as organised and relaxed as you possibly can on the morning of your wedding. So I have put together some of my best tips for things to check off the to-do list the day before your wedding.

Steam and hang dresses and veil

If you are staying at your venue the night before, you definitely want to get this ticked off the to do list. Your hair and make up artist will love you forever if no one has to worry about this on the morning of the wedding. The steam can interfere with your hair and make up, but not only that, sometimes the water gets on dresses and it can be a scary moment. Having your dresses and your veil hung up all beautifully the night before will be great for your photographer too!

Pop aside an accessories box for photographer

Think about all the little bits and bobs that would look cute in this photo. Your wedding stationery, invites, menus, the rings and boxes, your perfume, jewellery, shoes, spare flowers, lipstick, literally anything sentimental or that will help tell a little story of your day. Pop them all aside or in a box, so it’s super easy for your photographer in the morning.

Pack a bridal handbag

These tend to be fairly small bags but there’s a few essentials you won’t want to miss out on! Hair grips, Q-Tips (great for sorting little smudges of make up etc), a small nail file because we all know how irritating it is when a nail breaks, small sewing kit for any dress emergencies, eyelash glue (a dab of this on the back of your neck will hold a necklace in place and stop it from twisting, bonus tip!), paracetamol and a mini version of your lipstick (your make up artist might supply you with a wee top up kit, worth asking them beforehand!

Clean your engagement ring

It’s important to check with you ring supplier the best option, but I have heard that a soft bristled toothbrush and equal parts warm water and fairy liquid will do the trick! Don’t forget to pop your engagement ring onto the other hand before the ceremony!

Pack your car

If you are not staying at your venue the night before, please make sure you pack your car the day before. You want to have checked everything twice and rest safe in the knowledge that everything you need is in there. We don’t want any last minute panics about whether or not your shoes are in there when you are arriving for bridal prep.

Plan something simple and fun

Set yourself a time to have all the jobs checked off by and plan something fun to help you relax. Something simple like lunch or dinner with your bridal party. Maybe a movie night in with the girls watching funny rom-coms. You want to try and release though endorphins but also know that it’s inevitable to feel nervous, so just embrace those excited and anxious feelings and surround yourself with people who make you feel awesome!

Have a cut off time and take it easy on the caffeine/alcohol

We don’t want crazy hen and stag do vibes the night before. If you decide to drink alcohol the night before, maybe tell yourself just a couple will do and I suggest ditching the caffeine after 12pm, cause that stuff stays in your system for ages! Have a cut off time and get yourself an early night! You might find it difficult to sleep (packing your own pillow always helps me!), so having a little extra time to settle into sleep mode will help.

Do not fake tan the day before

Whenever I am having a spray tan done, I have it done 3 days before my event. So if I was getting married on a Saturday, I would have my tan applied on the Thursday evening. This always gives me plenty time for any corrections, should the be needed but also, I find that the tan settles into such a natural glow. You do not want to tan the night before! It’s not always the nicest to sleep in and sometimes that biscuity smell lingers. I recommend having yourself a professional spray tan, and I highly recommend the best in the game – Brown Sugar by Sam Milne.

Skincare Prep and self care

Treat yourself to some self care and be sure to remove all your make up and apply all your regular skincare. Don’t be tempted to pop any spots or try any new products. You don’t want to risk any reactions or damage. If you have a face mask that you have used before, giving your skin some extra hydration will help with your make up application in the morning. Drinking loads of water will help your skin glow too!

Save your PJ’s for the morning of your wedding

This might sound like an odd one, but if you have bought you and your bridal party cute pyjamas, I recommend saving them for the morning! If you wear them the night before, you risk getting them dirty or creased etc. Think of the cute photos you’ve dreamed of and gift them to your bridesmaids in the morning, it will still be a total vibe!

Remove hair bands from wrists/bras with tight straps

You know those annoying marks that are left on your skin when you remove your bra or hair bobble for your wrist? Yeah, we don’t want them hanging about on your wedding day. So remove these items the night before. If you need extra support in the chest area, try wearing a comfortable sports bra or something with straps not as tight.

One last kiss/Send a Text

If you have decided to spend the night before your wedding separately, the there’s time for one last kiss and one last text to one another. Some couples love building up the excitement of seeing one another at the aisle for the first time in a couple of days, but others feel better in each other company. If you find it helps settle your nerves to share a bed the night before, do it!! It’s your wedding, your rules, and you can say “see you later” in the morning instead!

Write a love note

If you do decide to stay apart the night before, you might find when you settle into bed for the night that writing a little love note to your partner might help settle your nerves a little. Just think how sweet it will be for the other person to read about how you were feeling with some sweet words written just for their eyes.

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February 28, 2024

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What to do the day before your wedding

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