Adam and Katy’s traditional wedding, with a twist at Ardoe House Hotel

Driving up to Ardoe House Hotel, I could have easily been fooled into thinking I was in a secluded / remote location, but in fact I was just a few miles out, on the outskirts of the city. 

The surrounding fields, with highland cows, was the draw card for Adam and Katy when searching for the perfect venue. They even got their own special moment – as we made sure we put aside some time to grab a few pics with them. These cheeky coos were the inspiration for Adam & Katy’s wedding cake – but don’t scroll down just yet or you’ll ruin the surprise!!

When choosing Ardoe House Hotel, they knew they wanted the option of having their ceremony outdoors but opted for an indoor ceremony in the end due to the damp grass. However, it was a beautiful and sunny day which added to the party vibes they wanted – as guests mingled after the ceremony🌞🌞! 

Adam and Katy opted for quite a “traditional aesthetic” but there was a subtle wine theme throughout the entire day due to their love of the good stuff 🍷🍷.

How the day unfolded

Morning prep was kept simple with the full bridal party getting ready at the venue – Katy and her BFFs enjoyed a fun, laid back morning together while getting their hair and make-up done.

Katy opted for a reveal with her Dad (I just love a daddy daughter first look), which was a super emotional moment that had us all in tears. 

The champagne was flowing all morning and the time I spent with the girls getting ready really allowed us to build up a fun rapport, which definitely helped in relaxing them into the fun group shots we took later in the day.

Adam and Katy had a simple but super sweet ceremony which included a handfasting and the sharing of a quaich. 

After the ceremony, the couple had a few moments together, before the bridal party was whisked away to have make-up top ups!! These girls wanted to make sure they looked glam all day – and they did!!

This brief pause allowed my second photographer some time to set up for the big confetti/group shot outside. SIDE NOTE: This is why I always recommend adding on a second shooter, because we get to do epic sh*t like this!

I took advantage of having the full bridal party all in one place and took a fun vanity fair-inspired group shot in the gorgeous hotel bar.

Katy and Adam had a very minimal “formal” group shot list, to allow them to spend as much time with their guests as possible. So we fired through groups immediately after the ceremony since I had everyone in one place after their confetti shot. 

Part of my process of working with couples on the lead up to their wedding day is to find out what is most important for them. It was during this process that Katy and Adam made it known to me that they wanted to spend as little time as possible having pictures taken. AND I GET IT – you don’t wanna be posing all day, you wanna enjoy the party🕺🕺. Which is why I have lots of sneaky tricks to ensure you have lots of time to shake your booty on the d’floor or just enjoy a pint with your mates 🕺🍻🕺.

I made sure to take them for a short wander to see the highland cows, where they could have a breather and enjoy some time with just the two of them. There was no posing and we kept it very informal and fun. You can see from their portraits the sarcastic humour that these two have together and it made it very easy to photograph them. 

By the time we got back all the guests were seated and ready for speeches 🥂🥂.

Katy decided although it is not traditional for the bride to do a speech that she wanted to say a few words before the meal. I always love it when couples break the mould like this.

Before their first dance, there was still some light out so we took the opportunity to do a champagne spray with some of their guests. This was single-handedly the best champagne spray I have ever seen. Adam fully committed to spraying the champagne. I don’t think I have ever witnessed someone who enjoyed this moment more than Adam. Katy stood beside him for all of two seconds before deciding she did not want to be in the firing line and made the fastest exit I had ever seen🤣🤣. 

The bridesmaids were not so lucky and became completely soaked. But, thankfully, they took it all on the chin and enjoyed the moment regardless!

Moments that made us ROFL🤣

✌️Silly moments during bridal prep – helping Katy feel relaxed leading up to the wedding ceremony

✌️Katy feeding the cows with flowers from her bouquet – haha Katy you belter!

✌️ Adam strutting his stuff in some heart sunglasses – giving off his best Zoolander pose 🤣🤣

✌️Seeing the Bridesmaids absolutely soaked from the champagne spray – Adam will never live this moment down!

Best parts about working at Ardoe House Hotel

There are so many things to love about Ardoe House Hotel – but the best thing about this venue is the space for both partners to prep in the morning at the same venue as the ceremony. Not only is this easier from a Photographer’s point of view, but it also just helps create a really laid back feel for the whole day because you don’t have to rush off anywhere.

The staff were super efficient at having the room ready for speeches on time – what an awesome team! And last but not least, the gorgeous exterior for group shots, which meant we didn’t have to go far and could get back to the celebrations.

Dance floor vibes 

Bahookie, A Celtic Rock 4-piece band, literally like no other had the floor filled from the moment they started playing. FUN FACT: Bahookie is a scottish slang for “bum” And to quote the band it means “get your bum on the dancefloor!”

The band is the most interesting and fun mix you will ever hear. And you really can’t help but to shake yer booty along to them! 

Trends I loved from this wedding at Ardoe House Hotel

While Adam and Katy did keep things quite traditional, I love how they weren’t afraid to break the mould and show off their fun personalities. 

I would say some of the best – anti-traditional moments from this wedding included:

✌️The Highland cow inspired cake – this was so quirky and suited this hilarious couple

✌️Doing what felt good for them – like Katy saying a speech before the meal and keeping formal shots to a minimum so they could spend their time with their guests!

Fun Photos that Adam and Katy chose to include:

✌️Pics with highland cows – deffo some of my fave from the day!

✌️The best champagne spray moment I have ever witnessed. 

✌️Vanity Fair inspired bridal party shots

Adam and Katy’s Supplier List

Florist: – XOXO (xoxo florist on Instagram) 

Band – Bahookie (Bahookie the band)

Piper – Alba Pipers 

Celebrant – Anna McKessock 

Cake –  Wild Rose (Wildrosebakeryuk)

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September 15, 2023

Couple pose on their wedding day wearing heart shaped glasses the couple are laughing on their traditional scottish wedding with a twist

Ardoe House Hotel | Traditional wedding with a twist

Danielle Leslie


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