Get ready to bust some moves, as you set yourself up for some epic dance floor vibes on your wedding day! 

It’s no secret that I love a good party – which is why you will most likely find me having a wee boogie with you and your friends on the d-floor! I have a few simple tips and tricks to make sure your dance floor is packed from the get go!

Choose some banging tunes!

Chat with your band/DJ and have a plan of action for those first few songs after your first dance. MAKE EM BANGERS!!! Maybe you have a really niche music taste, and want some indy tunes or a bit of rap thrown in there – and that’s totally okay, but I deffo suggest some HUGE well known tunes too get everyone going at first. From personal experience – can you ever really go wrong with a bit of Taylor Swift or Tina Turner…?!

Make sure to get some dancing in with your partner after your first dance!!

I know it’s super tempting to just bust some moves out with your besties all night but your photo/video team are only there for so long, so make sure they get some decent dancing time of the two of you!

The same goes for your bridal party! 

There’s a reason you chose them, so it’s likely they’re your fav people to dance with anyways, but make sure to get at least one dance with all your bridal party nearby in before your photo/video team depart. You will love having those wild pics with them!

Did you already get your confetti fix earlier in the day? 

Maybe you did but you just want to be extra boujee and have some more confetti time? Speak with your venue and ask if they will allow confetti canons on the dance floor, because trust me when I say, they look EPIC at the end of your first dance, and will really get the party started!

Aaaaand in the famous words of Sean Paul and Blue Cantrell –  BREATHE!

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July 11, 2023

I bet you look good on the dance floor?! 💃

Danielle Leslie


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