Wanna take your wedding ceremony to the next level?

Your wedding is about to be the event of the century – and it all starts with creating an epic wedding ceremony that your guests will never forget! 

And while you might be obsessing over your flowers or finding the perfect tune to walk down the aisle (side note: if Taylor Swift’s song, Lover, is at the top of that list can we just be BFFs like right now??) – If you really want to go the extra mile, here are some super boujee photo tips that will have your pics looking *chefs kiss* 😘🤌🏻

Have a plan B

If you are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, always have a plan B. Mother nature likes to surprise us sometimes, especially during Scottish Wedding ceremonies. So speak to your venue and ask for a plan B, this way they can be prepped if any last minute location changes need to be made. It’s worth doing a walk through your ceremony location one day around the same time you plan to get married, to see if you’re going to be in shade, or need any additional heating etc to keep your guests comfortable. If you’re getting married in summer, consider if you’re likely to be standing in the blistering sun, and maybe get a hand held fan just incase! We don’t want anyone passing out at the later!

Consider an unplugged wedding ceremony

Simply ask your celebrant to tell everyone to put the phones and iPads away – your photo/video peeps will do a stellar job of capturing the moment for you!

How long do you really want your ceremony to be?

Discuss this with your celebrant. There might be some wedding traditions you want to include such as a hand fasting, sharing of the quaich, or maybe you want your bestie to do a reading. But, consider how long you want everyone to be standing there for (especially you!), if you don’t really want to be standing in front of everyone for an hour (ouch, feet!), consider cutting out the parts that you don’t feel are important to you. Your ceremony can be as short and sweet as you want it to be, so don’t feel pressured into sharing all the stories of how you met etc right now, maybe one of you want to share this story during your speech later on?

Find your Centre

Ask your venue to pop small marks on the floor with tape for you to stand on if you’re OCD like me and want to be standing centre of the aisle in your photos especially if u have floral arch etc. 

Pass your flowers to your Bestie!

Dedicate someone to take your flowers and sort your dress so you can hold hands during your ceremony.

Your kisses don’t have to wait until the “I do’s”

Don’t be afraid to kiss or be intimate, especially if you haven’t seen each other in a few days. We are here to celebrate your love after all.

Ceremony space feeling a bit squished?

If it’s a small ceremony space, have your bridal party sit down – photo/video peeps need the space to see your lovely faces/move about.

Make it personal

I know it might be a little nerve-racking thinking about saying your own vows, but trust me when I say you will be so glad you did! Your love for one another is unique, and should be celebrated, so really consider writing something to say to one another. And then definitely get it printed on beautiful card because it will be one of your fav keepsakes, and looks super cute in your photos. Your vows can sometimes be used throughout your highlight video too, just think how sweet it’s gunna be hearing them back over and over again.

Do you really want posed signing photos with your witnesses?

I have seen celebrants say “now smile for your photographer” but please, don’t let your celebrant force you to have this photo. Tell them beforehand if you just want this to be a candid moment. You don’t have to smile awkwardly for the camera, I promise! In my experience, all those sweet natural moments in between the signing are absolutely perfect.

Step aside

Discuss with your celebrant that you would like them to stand aside for your first kiss shot is possible.

Pucker Up!

Take your time with your first kiss – have 3!!

Another cheeky smooch

When walking back down your aisle, think about stopping for a kiss halfway, it’s super cute, and everyone loves a big woop woop and celebration at this point! 

Celebrate the sh*t outta being married.

Dance, throw your flowers in the air, whatever you feel in the moment – YOU’VE JUST GOT MARRIED!!!

In search of an awesome Celebrant for your wedding ceremony?

If you’re still looking for a celebrant to marry you and you want someone totally kick ass and super super fun, you better pray that Paul – The Scottish Celebrant has your date available. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed/gasped/winced or enjoyed a ceremony quite as much as one of his. Follow him on Instagram!

Bonus Tip for your wedding ceremony

If you are having a confetti shot immediately after your ceremony, ask your venue to take the two of you to a private space for a wee moment alone and for guests to be guided outdoors ready for me to direct them into place. This avoids any long queues of guests who want cuddles, and means you can have all your congrats and relax with guests after your confetti shot.

Ready to become BFFs and book me as your wedding photographer? 

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July 11, 2023

Wedding Ceremony Tips for super boujee photos

Danielle Leslie


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