The most stunning colourful summer wedding at Logie Country House for Aurora and Ross

Early on when we first met I asked Aurora and Ross what their favourite thing was about each other and they replied –
“My favourite thing about Ross is that he’s always thinking about me, making sure I’m always happy, comfortable and well fed! Ross’ favourite thing about me is that I let him watch football every Saturday!”

So, Aurora’s Dad really did hit the nail on the head during his speech, when he said it must be true love because, they did indeed get married on the day of the Champions League Final! And, I have to hand it to him – I didn’t hear Ross speak about football all day! It’s no wonder when you’re marrying a woman as amazing as Aurora. I felt like I had known her for years. Walking into bridal prep was an instant vibe and the girls were ready to party from the get go!

The final moments as a Miss

Aurora’s bridesmaids helped her dress and off down the staircase she went to meet her Mum and Dad who waited to see her for the first time.

A Short but Super Sweet Ceremony

Aurora asked both her Mum and her Dad to walk her down the aisle, an untraditional spin that I am SO here for. And, before setting off I set up a lovely dress reveal on the staircase where they could see her ready for the first time. They walked into the ballroom arm in arm and took a slight pause at the bottom of the aisle, which was such a touching moment as it gave Ross and Aurora a moment to really absorb that first look with one another. It really was very emotional. The ceremony was short and sweet, and this was very intentionally planned by them, as these two couldn’t wait to start partying! The whole room was filled with smiles from ear to ear, because Aurora has an infectious giddiness about her. She was so excited to be standing with her partner, marrying him. It is impossible not to be happy when you are in these two’s company!

Groups Photographs

The time spent on this was to be kept to a minimum, Aurora and Ross made it clear at very beginning when they first booked me, that they wanted to spend as much time partying and celebrating with friends and family as possible! So straight after that epic confetti shot, with the cutest dip kiss, we had some quick fun with the bridal party. It was super quick, efficient but still loads of fun! I don’t like things to feel too posed, so we were dancing and having a great time! We took a break so they could mingle with guests, enjoy canapés and allow us to capture some candid moments from the day. One of the benefits of a summer wedding is the extra long day light hours, so we had loads of time to play about with getting our “to do” list ticked off. If, like Aurora and Ross, you want to spend a minimum amount of time on group photographs, it’s so important to plan ahead with your photographer. I recommend around 8-10 VIP’s (very important photographs), and make sure to let those required know ahead of the day, so they don’t wonder off when they’re needed, this is usually what can make things take that extra bit longer.

A moment alone

I whisked the newly weds away for 10 minutes during their drinks reception to get some cute new pics together! Again, we kept it quick but fun. It was literally as easy as a walk through their venue, quick pose in the arches, out the back for a snuggle and back to their guests! I knew I’d want to get a moment alone with them later during sunset so I didn’t want them to feel too “photo-ed out” as I call it. I always tell my couple to tell me if they are feeling like this. It’s super important to me that you get to enjoy as much of the day with the people you love, so I don’t like to make it all about the photos. I know how and when to pick my moments to keep it fun and chilled out! But part of the parcel when you book me, is that it really won’t feel like you’re going away for a photoshoot and leaving your guests behind. Often, this is my couples favourite parts of the day as it’s usually the first time they get to spend alone on their wedding day. And I really do make the effort to get to know my couple on the run up to their wedding, so when we’re off taking photos – it’s going to just feel like spending some time with an old friend, who knows all your best angles and is completely obsessed with the two of you!

An impromptu performance by the Groom and his besties

One of my favourite parts of Aurora and Ross’ wedding day was when the groomsmen had taken over the singer’s mic and were putting on an improvised karaoke sesh of their own! The guests went absolutely wild for it. These lot certainly know how to have a party! It’s unplanned moments like these that really make your wedding so unique and fun. So, whilst you want to have a plan for a timeline and a good idea of how you want things to go, it’s also nice to just leave a little wiggle room and go with the flow on the day.

After dinner portraits during sunset

Whilst guests were being rallied back into the ballroom for their evening reception, I snuck these two love birds off once more, for a moment alone during sunset. This time, I wanted them to make some memories they will be certain to never forget. I asked them to take a turn each of my camera, after giving them a quick tutorial on how to use it. I wanted them to take a portrait of one another. It was utterly adorable, watching Aurora swooning over her new Husband. The look she caught on his face was one I myself would never have been able to capture. And the eyes she gave him whilst he took her picture, it’s unmistakable that she is looking at the love of their life behind the camera.

As you will see their evening reception was just as lively as the rest of the day and the dance floor was never empty thanks to the awesome mix of DJ and band that they chose. I always love the dance floor, and you’ll always find me right in the middle of everyone, sometimes crawling through the crowd to get in the middle of the dance offs, or sometimes joining in myself! Whatever I am doing though, by this point I am always guaranteed to get some of the best pictures of your guests, they could be sharing a dance with your grandad, a kiss with their loved one or taking shots at the bar. I am going to be there to get all those moments you might have missed!

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July 7, 2024

Bride poses outdoors with bridesmaids wearing sage silk bridesmaids dresses at Logie Country House summer wedding

Colourful Summer Wedding at Logie Country House

Danielle Leslie


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