This Aberdeen Wedding Photographer understands that your friends and family are your VIPs on your wedding day and that you want totally awesome pictures of them too!

So, we like to keep it fun and make sure we include them throughout the day! We will always run through a short “formal” list of your immediate family and any other special groups you request. But, we don’t forget about everyone else! They’ve all made the effort and are looking at their best, so we make sure to be mingling and making friends with them all so they can feel comfortable in front of our cameras, just like you! So, prepare to see some fun surprises in your gallery when it lands in your inbox as hopefully your guests have been posing away for us! 😝🤩

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March 30, 2024

Wedding guests having fun at ballogie house captured by Aberdeen wedding photographed Danielle Leslie Photography

Photos of your wedding guests! They matter too!

Danielle Leslie


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