Suzanne and Brendon

I don't think I have ever met two kinder souls to walk this earth than Suzanne and Brendon. They planned their intimate woodland wedding in just 5 weeks with the intentions of having as few people in attendance as possible so they could experience the commitment they were making in private. They shared a first look, with family on looking, before their ceremony to settle their nerves and add to the excitement of the afternoon.
Brendon opted to wear a kilt to honour Suzanne's family and Suzanne chose to wear a sari to honour Brendon's Mother's culture. Sadly Brendon's Mother could not travel due to illness, but was included throughout the ceremony via a Skype call. The whole day was the most laid back and relaxing experience I have ever had. Surrounded by 3 gorgeous pups, the day was very family orientated and emotional. I don't think I have ever quite witnessed love quite like it and a connection so deep between two people. 

Photographer - @daniellelesliephotography
Venue - Woodend of Glasses Lodges
Suzanne's Outfit - Anjali's Boutique
Brendon's Outfit - Tartan House of Scotland
Brendon's Ring - Silver Cave Designs
Dog Tags - Kobe and Co

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