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Talking Newborn photography prep with

My approach to newborn photography is very much baby led, so we stop for plenty snuggles, top ups feeds and nappy changes. 

My secret sauce is definitely trying to time a feed for your arrival at the studio because those first few moments after a feed are key to my workflow. Having your baby nice and sleepy will certainly help, so feel free to keep them occupied in the morning before your session. 

All babies will be totally different so don't stress too much if baby falls asleep on the journey to the studio or you had to feed beforehand, we will work with them to get the most out of their session. 

If baby is awake, that's totally fine too, awake shots looks great so long is baby is happy we can proceed as normal. I only book one newborn a day so if things take. little longer we will be sure to get you an amazing gallery filled with memories you will cherish many many years from now!

No story is one and the same. YOU are what makes your journey so unique and awesome.
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