Check out Aaron and Lianne’s timeless summer wedding at Netherdale House, with bright florals and epic bridal party moments

I am completely obsessed with everything to do with Aaron and Lianne’s summer wedding at Netherdale House! From the people in attendance to their gorgeous colour palette and very intentionally chosen vendors who helped to create the most relaxed atmosphere on the day, it really was perfect.

Upon our arrival the florist Hollie, from Hollie Berries, was putting her finishing touches to the ceremony set up and preparing the bridal bouquets. The flirty and effortless feel everything had was quite simply the most stunning set up I have ever seen. I always knew it was going to be a breathtaking day but my eyes lit up when we walked in to see their vision come to life for the first time.

Morning prep, dress reveals and the best hype team

Bridal prep was downstairs in the main house, as it was quite a big bridal party with 7 bridesmaids. I actually love this room the most for bridal prep as there is lots of light and plenty room for everyone. And, it means the bridal suite is nice and tidy for getting dressed and to hang your dresses in safely away from all the hustle and bustle that the morning can bring.

A couple of her bridesmaids helped her to dress, before we did a dress reveal on the staircase with her parents and grandparents. A very cute and emotional moment. I had also set up all her bridesmaids together ready for a wee dress reveal immediately after, which as expected from these super supportive and fun friends, it was a very hype and exciting moment to enjoy before walking down the aisle.

A surprise for the guests and 5 minutes alone

Aaron and Lianne chose to have a surprise ring barer. Their rings were secured under a random seat, and it was a fun and exciting moment for all the guests to have to check who had them, before bringing them up to the nearlyweds. Lianne’s grandad gave a lovely reading during the ceremony before both their Grandma’s signed their marriage schedule.

We went straight into a confetti throw after their ceremony. Lianne and Aaron were able to share 5 minutes alone whilst Josh (my partner who was on video), Louise (my second shooter) and I arranged everyone into place and handed out confetti. I always recommend to do a planned confetti shot like this, where your photographer can set everyone up. Sometimes people like to do it as the walk down the aisle but that does limit the people who will be able to throw confetti to pretty much the aisle seats. Having it planned like this means everyone can get involved and you have those 5 minutes to compose yourself and be welcomed into the party again! PS. Do yourself a favour and get large proper circle (biodegradable of course) confetti, it’s by far the floatiest, shows up best in photos, likely the cheapest and definitely the easiest to pick our of your hair afterwards!

Have a plan and bang out those groups shots, pew pew!

We had decided prior to the day that we would immediately jump into the “formal” groups shots, since everyone we needed was in one place and easy to ask to stay back whilst everyone else could go and enjoy a drink. I think there was about 8 group shots in total, the perfect amount to bang out nice and quickly so you’re not standing there for hours on end. Having a VIP (very important photograph) list around 8-10 groups is the perfect amount. This isn’t to say you can’t have more, but perhaps consider ones like the extended family or “the hen” party shots as bonus pictures that are on the “if we have time list”. This way if you’re feeling too photo-ed out and want some time out, you already know you’ve smashed out the VIP ones, and the other are bonus ones that can happen a bit more candidly throughout the day. Win!

Epic bridal party moments for these besties

There were several moments we stole to spend some time with the bridal party, broken up throughout the day. I could tell this was one of Lianne’s favourite moments, getting to spend some time with her bestie’s and make some of their own cute memories. Often I see couples so busy on their wedding day mingling with all their guests that time with their bestie’s (or with each other!) is limited. This was definitely not the case on Lianne and Aaron’s day, we definitely made it a priority to get some time in with the bridal party and I am so glad we did. We created some of my favourite bridal party photos I have ever taken and this lot was just so much fun to spend time with!

Check out the cute moments with the wedding newspapers, Vanity Fair inspired group shots, a game of snooker and an epic champagne spray and my favourite – the cutest moment when all of Lianne’s bridesmaids were fixing her hair and dress before the evening reception. I posted a photo on my Instagram and you all went wild for it – a black and white image with Lianne and Aaron sharing a kiss, they stand still while their bridesmaids walk in front of them. I must admit, I love it so much too I will probably print it and hang it in my office!

What advice would Lianne and Aaron give to other couples planning their wedding?

”Make sure all of the suppliers you really want are free on your date before booking with the venue – we had a bit of a panic when we booked then realised there were very few caterers available on our date in the area. We ended up looking much further afield and booking caterers from Glasgow, somewhere I would never have thought to look initially because of travel costs but they actually worked out slightly cheaper than others we’d looked at.

Also take your time picking your dress! I made an impulsive decision and wished for months that I’d just gone home and slept on it before committing – thankfully I do feel like I made the right decision now but it could have saved some sleepless nights if I’d taken my time a bit more 😂”

Check out their day below and let me know in the comments which bridal party photos are your must haves!

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Wedding Suppliers

Josh on Video
Louise Malcolm – Second Photographer
Netherdale House
Hollie Berries Florist
Chisolm and Hunter – Wedding Ring
Colin Campbell & Co – Engagement Ring
Regis Banqueting
Diane Morris Humanist
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July 9, 2024

Bridal party sit on stairs reading wedding newspaper at netherdale house

Timeless Summer Wedding at Netherdale House

Danielle Leslie


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  1. Tom and El cameron says:

    An excellent record of an extra special day – All the photos tell the story of a memorable moment in time for both our families.

  2. Eleanor says:

    So happy to see all these lovely photos of Lianne and Aaron’s special day and so proud to have been part of it .